Nashville, TN (August 30, 2016) — The Tennessean’s recent report of Republican Representative Jeremy Durham’s misuse of campaign contributions is shining another light on the corruption inside the Tennessee Republican Party political machine. The story details how Rep. Durham invested money from his campaign account in the business of a high level GOP donor.

The Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance is currently investigating if Rep. Durham (R-Franklin) used his election campaign funds for personal or other uses that would be in violation of Tennessee state law.

State Democratic Party Chair, Mary Mancini told the media that she is not surprised at the most recent allegations.

“Governor Haslam shifted the responsibility of paying for toxic oil spills from his family’s business to Tennessee taxpayers and a legislative staffer for Rep. Andy Holt picked up $200,000 in political campaign contracts while working as a state employee,” Mancini said, “ Now Rep. Jeremy Durham is under investigation for investing campaign funds in the company of a major GOP donor. The unrestrained power of the Tennessee Republican Party is as relentless as it is harmful.”

Earlier in the week, the Tennessean reported that the disgraced Representative is under federal investigation for his misuse of campaign funds.

For more information see the Tennessean report: