On the afternoon of August 29th, we received a call from Rep. Andy Holt asking us to retract the statement we made yesterday that he fired the Weakley County Election Administrator. Our retraction statement is below.

“Our recent press release stated that Rep. Andy Holt fired the Weakley County election administrator. He did not. What he did was much worse. By recommending the removal and replacement of three members of the 5­member election commission he manipulated the system until he got what he wanted, the job for his inexperienced friend. [Source: http://www.jacksonsun.com/story/news/local/government/2015/06/24/election­administrator­weakley­county/29245451/”

This is just another example of the unrestrained power that Republicans have cultivated in the State Legislature. They make secret deals, sweep bad behavior under the rug, and bully local governments. Andy Holt is the poster boy for this culture. A group that lobbies him directly awarded him a trip to Hawaii and brand new truck. One of his legislative staffers got fired because he took hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contracts while working for the state. And, yes, he manipulated a local governmental body until he got what he wanted. Andy Holt has never seen a rule he didn’t want to break. He has little concern for the people of his district or the effective and accountable operation of local and state government.”