Republicans in Washington and Nashville have an abysmal record on health care.

Nashville, Tenn. (May 4, 2017) –

As people of faith across the country recognize the National Day of Prayer, elected leaders in Washington debated a law that will affect every Tennessean. Sadly, the debate was only amongst one party. The GOP sought compromise, but only within their own caucus.

Republicans voted to pass a health care bill that does not have a score from the Congressional Budget Office, meaning lawmakers don’t know what it costs, or how many people may lose coverage. The previous iteration would result in 24 million people losing coverage. Despite this uncertainty, Republicans rushed for a vote this afternoon.

Mary Mancini, chair of the Democratic Party said, “Republicans have now voted on a bill they have not read, breaking their own pledge to give the American people 3 days to read any legislation. What we do know of their bill is that it doesn not protect people with pre-existing conditions, it will drive costs up, and at least 24 million are at risk of losing their coverage.”

In Tennessee, Republicans have blocked Medicaid Expansion since 2010, costing the state over $3 billion and leaving at least 280,000 people without coverage. Despite that, the number of uninsured people in the state has dropped by 28% under the Affordable Care Act, insuring an additional 266,000 people as of December, 2016.

Over a quarter of a million Tennesseans have gained access to health care under the ACA. If Tennessee Republicans had not stopped the expansion of Medicaid, it would be over half a million,” Mancini said. “If this bill ever becomes law, Republican legislators in Tennessee would be in charge of even more health care policy, which would be disastrous. On the National Day of Prayer, when all of us should be thinking about how to be more selfless, more righteous people, Republicans have made it their priority to take away health care coverage from millions of Americans. Every Republican member of congress from Tennessee voted for this disastrous bill. Their actions speak volumes about their values.”