Senator Bob Corker Made A Commitment To Preserve Subsidies

In Arlington, TN in April, he made it clear to a concerned voter

Nashville, Tenn. (June 26, 2017) –

“Will you make that commitment to me?” – voter in Arlington

“I just made it to you.” – Senator Bob Corker


In Arlington, TN, on April 18, 2017, a voter told Senator Bob Corker about two friends who would be dead without Obamacare: one paralyzed by inoperable tumor, and the other with congestive heart failure.

“Without subsidies, their premiums would be unaffordable…I would like you to commit to me to vote no on any plan that does not continue subsidies,” the voter said.

Senator Corker said that one of the problems he had with the House version being discussed at the time was that the tax credits focused on people up to 800% poverty instead of focusing on people with much lower income people the way the current ACA subsidies work.

“I understand fully that if you give people choices for health benefits, but they don’t have the ability to actually purchase them, then you are not really doing anything of benefit. That is one of the fundamental issues I will be focused on when we deal with this issue,” – Corker said.

“Senator Corker made a clear commitment to a woman in Tennessee, in front of a room full of Tennesseans, he would not support any bill that jeopardized people who rely on those subsidies. We know this new Trumpcare plan cuts subsidies making coverage unaffordable. Based on his commitment just three months ago, he should oppose this bill without hesitation. Otherwise he needs to explain to Tennesseans why he won’t fulfill his commitment,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.