Beltway Bob: Corker Flip Flops On Repeal Or Replace

Nobody knows where Senator Corker stands on health care

Nashville, Tenn. (July 20, 2017) – On Facebook, Senator Corker announced he would vote for the same bill he supported in 2015 that repeals the Affordable Care Act – without a replacement.

But in January of this year, Corker said “repeal and replace should take place simultaneously.”

His official statement said “I am encouraged that the debate has shifted in recent weeks from ‘repeal only’ to ‘repeal and replace’ in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.”

Corker even seemingly acknowledged that his vote in 2015 was pure politics, saying “I know much of of the repeal piece is about making a political point.”

Additionally, in April of this year, Senator Corker made a commitment to a voter (on video) in Arlington, TN that he would not vote for any bill that cut the subsidies in the ACA.

“It is now clear that Republicans have never had any intention of improving the health care system and expanding access to affordable coverage. Senator Corker admitted that ‘repeal’ is purely to make a political point and offers no substantive solutions for Tennesseans. Now he is going back on everything he said less than 6 months ago. Senator Corker lied to a voter in Arlington and he has been playing politics with Tennesseans health care for years. When will he start putting the people of Tennessee over his political party and his political agenda?” said Mary Mancini, chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.