Monroe County Register of Deeds Using Office For Political Promotion

Why do Tennessee Republicans think the rules don’t apply to them?


Nashville, Tenn. (July 24, 2017) –


The Monroe County Republican Party is holding a fundraiser on July 29th featuring candidate for Governor, Randy Boyd. They are advertising that tickets can be purchased at the Monroe County Register of Deeds Office, a blatant use of public office to promote political fundraising.


“For some reason Tennessee Republicans just don’t think rules apply to them. From Bob Corker and Chuck Fleischmann’s suspected insider trading to Sen. Brian Kelsey’s shady straw donor schemes to Congressman Jimmy Duncan paying his son $300,000 in campaign funds, Tennessee Republicans are constantly using their offices to advance themselves or their party,” said Mary Mancini, chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

In recent months, Tennessee Republicans have come under scrutiny. Senator Corker and Representative Fleischmann were highlighted in an article about members of congress profiting from stock trades using information they learned through their position in government.


Congressman Jimmy Duncan made news because it was exposed that his son was paid over $300,000 through possibly illegitimate companies using his campaign funds.


State Senator Brian Kelsey potentially misused campaign funds in his run for congress by using “straw donors” to funnel state contributions into his federal account, which is not allowed.


“It’s not surprising that a Tennessee Republican county official would not think twice about using their office improperly. People follow the example of their leaders, and from in the current Republican party corruption runs all the way from the state house to the White House,” added Mancini