PPP: Senator Corker Approval Rating 34%

50% oppose Senator Corker’s votes on healthcare

NASHVILLE – U.S. Senator Bob Corker’s approval rating is just 34% according to a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling in August. According to the poll, 50% of Tennesseans believe that healthcare is a right and 50% oppose the healthcare bill Senator Corker supported that nonpartisan analysts said would increase insurance premiums by 100% and strip 32 million people of their insurance coverage. The poll also finds that Senator Corker is uncomfortably close to a single digit race for reelection against a Democratic opponent. You can see the full polling results here: http://ourlivesontheline.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Tennessee-PPP-Results.pdf

Iraq war veteran and Nashville attorney James Mackler announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in April and has already raised more than $600,000.

“The majority of Tennesseans find Senator Corker’s votes on healthcare appalling,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party. “One party writing secret bills behind closed doors with zero hearings on legislation to reinstate lifetime caps and allow insurance companies to ignore those with pre-existing conditions is what putting politics first looks like.

“It’s clear why Senator Corker finds himself so unpopular considering he said the substance of the healthcare bill did not matter and that he would vote for whatever his leadership put in front of him.

“James Mackler knows that healthcare is a right and that is why so many Tennesseans across the state are excited to join his campaign.”