Senator Bob Corker Repeats Trump’s Debunked
Alternative Fact
US Businesses are far from the highest taxed in the world

Nashville, Tenn. (July 14, 2017) – In an Op-Ed in The Tennessean on September 5, 2017, Senator Bob Corker repeated a debunked claim used over and over during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He said, “Right now, U.S. companies are the highest taxed in the industrial world.”

The facts show this claim has no merit. In 2016, Politifact rated this claim “FALSE” three separate times. There are so many corporate give-aways and loopholes that what companies actually pay is “the bottom or around the middle of the pack,” according to fact checkers.

“Senator Corker thinks Tennesseans aren’t paying attention, but we are. We know that big corporations have been undertaxed for so long that revenue depletion has become the new normal, leaving us with less and less to maintain and invest in American infrastructure,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the tennessee Democratic Party, “The Trump/Corker tax plan will only help CEOs and big corporations while continuing to leave everyone else in Tennessee behind.”

Tennesseans have come to expect President Trump to lie over and over again. Now they are beginning to see that Senator Corker is no different. Recent polling shows that only 34% of Tennesseans approve of Senator Corker, many cited his votes on the recent health care repeal effort, and specifically took issue with the lack of transparency in the process.