Organization that opened the floodgates of outside money endorses Blackburn for Senate

Tennessee (October 11, 2017) –  The conservative organization that opened the floodgates to allow unlimited spending into the election process, Citizens United, endorsed Marsha Blackburn for US Senate this week.
“It is no surprise that Rep. Blackburn would welcome the support of a dark money organization like Citizens United. She has been in Washington for 16 years doing the bidding of corporate special interests. Tennesseans can now expect to see a wave of negative ads pour into the state with no disclosure of who is paying for them,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.
Rep. Blackburn starts her campaign with just over $3 million in the bank. Blackburn’s latest campaign filing show almost all of her campaign funds came from large dollar donors (more than $200) and PAC contributions. Less than 4% of the contributions were from small dollar donors (under $200).