Trump Throws Thousands of Tennesseans Off Coverage, Raises Premiums for Everyone

Executive order is in line with Republican efforts to repeal ACA

Tennessee (October 13, 2017) –  The Trump administration just announced they will cease Cost Sharing Reduction payments that provide healthcare to over 118,000 Tennesseans.
“During his campaign, the President promised ‘insurance for everybody’ and said  ‘nobody would lose coverage.’ What we’re seeing now that he’s gotten elected is that he not only can’t get anything done, but the decisions he does make will have catastrophic consequences for the freedom and well being of Tennesseans,” said Mary Mancini, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.
The administration claims that inaction by congress has forced them to stop the CSR payments. On September 19, Senator Lamar Alexander announced he would abandon bipartisan talks to extend the CSR payments and announced his support for Graham Cassidy legislation that would have replaced ACA subsidies with block grants at lower funding levels.
Senator Bob Corker also supported Graham Cassidy despite telling voters in Arlington, TN that he would not support a bill that cut subsidies. All Tennessee Republican members of congress voted for the American Health Care Act that cut health care subsidies.
“Every Tennessee Republican member of congress voted for ACA repeal bills that would have thrown thousands of Tennesseans off their coverage in the same way this executive order does. They have made it clear they have no interest in making it easier for Tennesseans to have quality health care,” added Mancini.
In Tennessee, health insurance premium increases have already been announced. Cigna announced a 42% increase that anticipated the CSR payments would not be made by the Trump administration.