Tennessee (January 16, 2018) –  Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is under criminal investigation for allegedly blackmailing and assaulting a woman with whom he had an affair. Despite these disturbing accusations and revelations, Greitens remains on the Executive Committee of the Republican Governors Association (RGA). An RGA press release in November announced that he would be added to the leadership team.

The Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, Mary Mancini, released the following statement:

“Last week Governor Haslam wrote an essay he titled, ‘Politics As A Spiritual Discipline.’ In it, he called on voters to reject the view that because someone agrees with your positions, that makes them worthy of support at all costs. Unfortunately, Governor Haslam has already decided to make partisan politics the priority of his final year in office by leading the RGA instead of focusing on working across the aisle to solve problems in Tennessee. In that job, he is now faced with the decision he called on voters to make. The accusations against Missouri Gov. Greitens and the ongoing criminal investigation are deeply disturbing, and yet, he remains on the leadership team of Haslam’s Republican Governors Association. Will Governor Haslam, as the Chair of the RGA, call on Greitens to step down, or support him at all cost because of their shared political goals?”