NASHVILLE - The Tennessee Republican Party today took aim at Senate Speaker Senator Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville; House Minority Leader Representative Jason Mumpower, R-Bristol; and 45 other Republican members of the Tennessee General Assembly, chiding them for “recklessly” voting in favor of the state’s Fiscal Year 2007-2008 budget.

 Following this morning’s meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, the Tennessee Republican Party derided the FY 07-08 budget as “folly” because it “spent $723 million more than the state constitution’s spending growth limitation allows,” despite the fact that many Republican legislators voted in favor of the budget.




On June 11, 2007, 47 Republican members of the General Assembly voted for passage of the budget in question. In addition to Ramsey and Mumpower, others criticized by their own party include Senate Republican Leader Sen. Mark Norris, former TNGOP chairperson Rep. Beth Harwell, Senate Republican Caucus Chair Sen. Diane Black, House Assistant Republican Leader Rep. Harry Brooks, and House Republican Caucus Vice-Chair Rep. Jimmy Eldridge.




On the same day, 31 of those Republicans voted for SB2333, which allowed the state to exceed the constitutional limit on state spending, known as the “Copeland Cap.” Ramsey was joined in his support of exceeding the cap by Norris, Black, and Sen. Jim Tracy.

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