If you haven’t voted in the past three primary elections, at least.  Via a press release from Jim Hawkins:

State Senator Diane Black, R-Gallatin, while appearing on “The Breakfast Show” on WHIN this past Friday, proposed restricting the rights of citizens who have not voted in recent presidential elections.  During the interview, Black suggested that citizens that do not vote as often as she would like be banned from voting.


“If you haven’t voted in two of the past three presidential races, then I think we ought to say we’re taking your right away,” she said.  [Audio Attached]


Jim Hawkins, the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 18, called Black’s proposal extreme and insulting. 


“Her remarks are just plain wrong.  Her proposal is an insult to students, senior citizens, working families, and veterans across our district—the very people that we should be helping to get to the polls, not turning away. I reject her politics of division, and I call on her to apologize to the citizens of this district,” he said.


“Furthermore, I call on Senator Black to apologize to our troops fighting overseas to protect our right to vote.  They are putting their lives on the line to protect our rights while she sits in Tennessee trying to take our rights away.”


Hawkins continued by saying that Black’s comments reflect a pattern of extremism that is moving her away from Tennessee’s mainstream values.


“Her extreme views continue to hurt our district. For example, her opposition to pre-kindergarten programs in Sumner County denies our children a chance for a quality education,” he said. “I want us to move forward with common sense on common ground. Sumner County needs progress, not extremism.”


Sumner County is the only county in Tennessee without a Pre-K program.


The 18th Senate District includes Robertson and Sumner Counties.  The election will be held November 4. Early voting begins on October 15. For more information about Jim Hawkins, please visit www.jimhawkins.org


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