According to Sen. Diane Black and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a letter of reprimand is an appropriate sanction for a racist email, paid for by Tennessee taxpayers, that has earned international condemnation. Do you agree?

Letter to from Sen. Diane Black to Sherri Goforth (PDF)
Email Acceptable Use and Distribution Lists (PDF)

Letter Text:

June 2, 2009

Sherri Goforth
5 LP
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Dear Sherri,
This is a follow up to confirm our conversation regarding the state email policy. First, as we discussed, email communications are for state use only and should not be used for purposes outside of the guidelines established. Also, as we discussed, no communication that is derogatory regarding any minority should be sent from this office or that employee will be subject to termination of employment with my office. I know you take this policy seriously and I am confident that you will abide by the policy. Your service to my office and the legislature has been commendable with the exception of this incident and I look forward to working together in the future within these guidelines.

Diane Black

Email Use Policy:

Please remember that our e-mail system is provided to you as a tool to help you perform required legislative business.  Sending messages that are improper, create the appearance of an impropriety, or are unprofessional and would embarrass the General Assembly are prohibited.  Failure to comply with our e-mail policy could result in disciplinary action or suspension of your privileges in using our e-mail system.

Source: Office of Legislative Administration, Tennessee General Assembly

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