Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester called neoconservative Nashville radio talk show host Michael DelGiorno irresponsible after comments he made this morning insinuated violence could be used against people who have placed President Obama bumper stickers on their cars.

“That is an intimidation tactic as far as I’m concerned,” Forrester said. “It’s unfortunate that Mr. DelGiorno and others like him seem to be more about dividing people than bringing them together. When they disagree with you, they start making wild claims in trying to scare and incite the public.”

DelGiorno commented this morning about the continuing popularity of the president among Democrats. During his comments, DelGiorno warned supporters they should remove the bumper stickers.

“Seriously do yourself a favor,” DelGiorno said on Super Talk WTN 99.7. “It will keep you from getting a few No. 1 signs and a lot of filthy looks. It’s one thing to be dumb and partisan and destructive to our country. Just take the bumper sticker off, will ya? Cause things could escalate from town hall meetings right to the streets. You don’t want to be stuck with that idiot’s name on your car. That’s the ultimate clunker.”

DelGiorno’s comments alluded to protests and demonstrations concerning the health insurance reforms now being debated in Congress. Many have turned raucous in recent days.

“Mr. DelGiorno has about as much credence on this issue as he did before he was forced to leave Tulsa, Oklahoma, after a defamation suit,” Forrester said. “He has shown reckless behavior over the airwaves in the past, and he seems to be continuing in that fashion.”

DelGiorno and the radio station he worked for at the time were reportedly sued after he made statements about the business proceedings of a Tulsa city councilor. The settlement included on-air retractions by the Tulsa radio station, which is owned by Journal Broadcast Group.

Cumulus Media owns Nashville radio station WTN and a number of other FM and AM radio stations across the country.

“The owners of the radio station need to seriously reprimand Mr. DelGiorno for his comments,” Forrester said. “Threats and intimidation have no place in civil discourse, especially when the stakes are so high.”



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