Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester called state Rep. Stacey Campfield’s latest antics with police at a University of Tennessee football game another example of the extreme measures the Knoxville lawmaker will go to promote himself and his bid for higher office.

“He’s either oblivious to normal behavior or a shameless self-promoter,” Forrester said. “Regardless, I hope Knoxville voters have grown tired of Campfield’s antics. He is not the kind of lawmaker this state needs.”

Campfield, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel, was escorted from an Oct. 31 UT football game after becoming confrontational when told he could not continue wearing a Halloween mask inside Neyland Stadium during the game against South Carolina.

“Someone who routinely ignores rules and normal behavior is not a person I would want representing me in the state Legislature,” Forrester said of Campfield, who is seeking the state Senate District 7 seat being vacated by Sen. Tim Burchett next year. “We have serious issues facing our state, and we need serious people focused on them.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Campfield has a history of thumbing his nose at authority and pulling juvenile pranks like the one at Neyland Stadium. He needs to grow up and act like an adult.”

Forrester pointed out that Campfield had to be physically restrained at an event in 2002 for then gubernatorial candidate Phil Bredesen. He also reportedly was involved in a hallway confrontation at the state Capitol with UT Police Chief August Washington after two guns-on-campus bills that Campfield sponsored failed in a subcommittee hearing earlier this year.

The Republican legislator has also been sued for libel after making erroneous statements on his Internet blog about a former state House candidate. His legislative history is no less controversial, Forrester noted.

Campfield has introduced legislation replacing taxes on food with taxes on pornography and requiring the state to issue death certificates for aborted fetuses. He also joined a lawsuit trying to force President Barack Obama to turn over a copy of his birth certificate.

“We have Tennesseans out of work and struggling to make ends meet,” Forrester said. “Bringing more jobs to our communities, teaching our children the skills they require to succeed and providing a quality of life that ensures a good future for us are priorities that good leaders have. Stacey Campfield lacks those priorities.”



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