The Tennessee Republican Party issued a press release attacking gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter for his position that illegal immigration is a federal issue, a position shared by Republican challenger Bill Haslam.

“Mr. Devaney’ s premature dissemination is more of the same half-baked logic Republicans across the nation have been using to stir up people’s emotions on controversial issues like immigration,” Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester said of state GOP Chairman Chris Devaney. “Fact is, the federal government controls the nation’s borders.

“Even the Tennessee Republican Party’s anointed gubernatorial candidate, Bill Haslam, agrees immigration is a federal issue. Tennessee lawmakers need to focus more on what they can do to help our citizens get good educations, well-paying jobs and better quality of lives.

“During this past session of the General Assembly, too many Republican lawmakers were more focused on pandering to extreme special interests than on the real issues that affect most Tennesseans,” he added.

Haslam’s referenced remark was made during an interview on WXMX FM 98.1 radio station in Memphis.



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