Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester said the Republican Party’s three gubernatorial candidates are flawed and they realize that Gov. Phil Bredesen’s recent endorsement of Mike McWherter spells big trouble for them in the fall.

“Gov. Bredesen has an overall approval rating of 75 percent across the state,” Forrester said. “He has done an outstanding job for the state and voters realize that.

“His ringing endorsement of Mike McWherter means something to most Tennesseans. That is why Republicans are frantically trying to dismiss the endorsement. Gov. Bredesen knows more about leading a state than Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney ever will.

“Ron Ramsey’s boot, Zach Wamp’s federal earmarks for his buddies and Bill Haslam’s Big Oil ties are bad news for Republicans in the fall. Regardless of who comes out of that primary, Mike McWherter’s success as a small-business owner and his experience at creating jobs will resonate with voters in November,” he added.



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