NASHVILLE – With Rick Perry stopping in Tennessee for fundraisers in Memphis and Knoxville this week, Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester released the following statement:

Rick Parry

“Rick Perry won’t be shy today about applauding his own record in Texas. But what he won’t tell you is the truth about what his administration has meant for middle-class Texans. When it comes to delivering for middle-class families, this cowboy is all hat and no cattle.


“When he talks about the Texas economy, just remember that growth has been driven by factors beyond his control – like rising oil prices and increased federal military spending. He’s borrowed at a faster rate than the federal government, relied on the Recovery Act to cover budget shortfalls, and public sector growth has far outpaced the private sector in Texas – an interesting dynamic for a man who likes to tout the power of private businesses to create jobs.

“The fact is that under his leadership, Texas is tied for the highest percentage of minimum-wage jobs in the country and while he has been governor, Texas dropped from 30th to 47th in median household income. Middle-class families under Governor Perry are working just as hard to provide for their families, but for less money than when he took office. While Rick Perry tries to garnish his conservative credentials and pander to the tea party, middle-class families in his own state are hurting – that’s not leadership, and it’s not what Tennessee families need to get them through these tough economic times.

“Tennesseans need answers to problems facing our country, not another politician following the lead of John Boehner and the Tea Party-Republicans in Congress and taking notes from do-nothing Republicans like Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey. President Obama has a plan to create jobs in America now and to get Tennessee working again. Until Republicans like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry ditch the Tea Party and put forth a plan that will help put middle-class Tennesseans back to work like the president, they should hold off on excessive self-congratulation.”



Under Perry, Texas’s “Employment Trends Shows Substantial Growth In Low-Wage Jobs.” [Dallas Morning News, 8/20/11]

2010: Texas Was Tied For The State With The Highest Percentage Of Minimum Wage Workers, At 9.5 Percent. [Bureau of Economic Analysis, Minimum Wage Workers In Texas – 2010, accessed 9/1/11]

From 2000 To 2009, Texas Dropped From 30th to 47th In Median Household Income

From 2000 to 2009, Texas went from #30 ($40,860) to #47 ($47,143) in median household income. During that same period, the national average median household income went from $42,148 to $50,618. [CQ State Rankings Series]



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