Alan Woodruff has announced his candidacy for Congress in Tennessee’s First Congressional District.

Woodruff, a Blue Bog Democrat, says his campaign will emphasize the need for Washington, D.C. to start acting “responsibly” by putting the needs of the country ahead of the interests of lobbyists and political parties.

“Congress is unable to solve our problems because too many of its members are more concerned with getting re-elected than solving our national problems,” Woodruff said. “Too many Politicians are afraid to compromise for fear of losing the support of their base or their campaign contributors.”

Alan, of Gray (between Johnson City  and Kingsport),  holds degrees in chemical engineering from Virginia Tech, a doctorate in administration from Harvard University, a law degree from Florida State and a postdoctoral degree in tax law from the University of Washington.

Alan has twenty years’ experience as a practicing attorney specializing in taxation and business planning, but now focusses his practice on constitutional challenges to state election laws.

Prior to returning to law school, Alan was a consultant on matters of economics, finance and operations to closely held businesses and government agencies including, among others: Department of Defense; U.S. Department of Education; National Institutes for Education; World Bank; Ford Foundation and more than 60 state and local government agencies.

Details of Alan’s positions may be found at his website:

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