Tennesseans who believe that the right to vote is one of the most important rights in our Democracy scored a major victory yesterday as Rep. Mike Turner’s bill (HB2176) to repeal the poorly conceived and poorly managed voter photo ID law passed the State House and Local Government Subcommittee despite the best efforts of the Republican leadership to kill it.

The bill passed with the support of the Democrats on the committee, Reps. Turner, Miller and Brown, along with two Republicans, Rep. Bob Ramsey and Rep. Kent Williams, who bucked their party leadership to do the right thing and continue the debate on this important bill to restore your rights.  Rep. Williams, earlier during the committee hearing, stated that “if we disenfranchise one person, then its bad legislation.”

During the committee hearing, Marine Veteran Tim Thompson spoke about the sacrifice of the Americans who have fought and died to promote Democracy abroad and protect it here at home, calling the Photo ID law “un-American” and disrespectful to the soldiers who fought for their country.

Watch the full video of the debate over HB2176 here, including the roll call vote in which the GOP staffers seemed to be a bit stunned at the rebuke of their party’s leadership.

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