As we move into this legislative lightning round up at the capitol, it is worth noting the stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats on what they think Government should be doing for the people of Tennessee.

News Channel 5 here in Nashville had a report last night detailing the Democratic and Republican budget plans.  On the Democratic side, you have Representatives who think money should be going towards middle class tax relief and expanding educational opportunities for more Tennesseans.Democratic vs. Republican Budget

On the Republican side, you have the elimination of a broad swath of taxes that primarily effect the wealthiest Tennesseans…oh, and an extra packet of ramen noodles for every $100 you spend on groceries.

The Republican leadership should look past their ideological tendencies and realize that much of the reason we are rebounding economically is because of the investments made by the Bredesen Administration and the Obama Administration in the economy.  Tax cuts for the wealthiest few who don’t need them will not improve our economy; rather the targeted tax relief promoted by the Democrats, coupled with investments in job training and education, will promote lasting economic improvements that will in turn further bolster our state revenues.



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