It looks like the inmates are now running the asylum in the Tennessee Republican Party.  The Tennessean reports that county Republican parties across the state are circulating resolutions attacking Governor Haslam for hiring a Muslim, allowing gay and lesbians to serve in his cabinet, and for allowing those who served their country by working for President, to then serve their state by working for the Governor.

County chapters of the state Republican Party are circulating a resolution condemning Gov. Bill Haslam for not backing gun legislation, refusing to sign an anti-United Nations resolution and recruitment practices that include retaining an openly gay staffer and hiring a Muslim woman.

The Williamson County Republican Party, the Stewart County Republican Party, the Carroll County Republican Party and perhaps several others have adopted a resolution calling for the State Executive Committee to take “appropriate action against the administration of Governor Bill Haslam.” The resolution was initiated by tea party activists.

This is the inevitable result of the Republicans increasingly backing the worst elements of American politics.  People who are filled with hate and scorn have now taken over the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower and turned it into something your parents and grandparents wouldn’t recognize.

People who seek to serve their state, Republican or Democrat, should not have to fear retribution from an angry, out of control Republican Party. TNGOP Chairman Devaney and Speakers Harwell and Ramsey should condemn these disgusting resolutions that attack civil servants and undermine Tennessee’s credibility to the nation.

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