NASHVILLE, Tenn. — After three months of uninterrupted increases in the unemployment rate in Tennessee, the man in charge of growing and developing our state economy has decided to take a two-month vacation to pal around on Mitt Romney’s campaign team.

“Once again Hagerty and Haslam have said to the people of Tennessee that their economic future is less important than the economic future of the special interests, millionaires and billionaires who would benefit from the top-down policies of Romney economics,” said Chip Forrester, Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Bill Hagerty, Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, announced today that he would be leaving Tennessee to join Romney’s panicked campaign team.

The latest unemployment figures from the Department of Labor show that, under Hagerty’s command, Tennessee’s unemployment rate has increased in the last three consecutive months while the national economy is showing signs of steady improvement.

“There are serious consequences for hiring an opportunistic hedge fund manager who’s more focused on presidential politics than Tennessee families,” Forrester said. “In almost two years, we’ve not seen one good idea to create jobs from this administration and our families are still waiting for Haslam to fulfill his promise to create ‘jobs in every county.’”

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