The North for Senate campaign released the following statement:

“I deeply regret the decision of the Commissioner of Education to withhold $3.4 million dollars from the Metro Nashville public school children. This is not the way to further the cause of improving our public schools. I urge Governor Haslam to overrule this oppressive action by the Commissioner,” stated North.

The local school board examined the Great Hearts charter school system in Phoenix and the numbers made it appear they were operating a system that was segregated on racial lines and socio-economic lines. “The school board was right to insist on assurances from Great Hearts that this would not occur in Nashville.”

“The merits of the application of a charter school company should be left to the local, elected school board.” On this point my opponent has changed his position since yesterday when he told the City Paper that in this controversy he would come down on the side of local autonomy. Today he is backing the punitive action of the state government against our local school children. “I continue to have confidence in our elected school board, teachers and school administrators.”

My opponent has said, “Four areas in which I believe that we can better educate our children are school vouchers, charter schools, private schools and home-schooling.” My goal is to help improve the public school system which is the backbone of our democracy. While these four solutions may have some merit in certain circumstances, to the extent they drain resources away from the great needs of the public school system they must be pursued with caution.



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