Party Looking for Full Disclosure on the Unethical Republican Doctor who had Sex with a Patient

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Democratic Party is asking a judge to unseal court records tied to Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ doctor-patient sex scandal.

Gerard Stranch, chief legal counsel for the state party, filed a motion on Wednesday in Marion County Chancery Court requesting that all the documents related to Scott DesJarlais’ unethical sexual relationship with his patient be open for review by the voters in Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District.

“Scott Desjarlais has admitted to at least four extra marital affairs, one of which was with a patient in his care, a clear violation of his professional code of ethics and state law,” Stranch said. “DesJarlais wasn’t honest with us the first time he ran for office, and there’s no other way to know what else he’s hiding.”

The TNDP is seeking to unseal records from DesJarlais’ divorce after reports surfaced that Desjarlais, a doctor, had an affair with a patient whom he later pressured to have an abortion.

“Citizens and voters have a right to know whether their congressman has honored the law and his professional code of ethics,” Stranch said. “To avoid further embarrassment to our state, Tennesseans deserve full disclosure before they cast their ballot on November 6th.”

It also appears that certain documents have been removed from the Official Court docket and file, including but not limited to Desjarlais’s ex-wife’s pre-trial brief, the trial transcript and exhibits.  The TNDP is also asking the Court to investigate whether this unauthorized removal of official court documents violates any ethical or legal rules.

Chairman Chip Forrester said voters should have all the facts about the candidates before they make their decision.

“We believe the more information that voters have to make their decision — the better, and as voters go to the polls, there is no question more in need of an answer than whether or not Scott DesJarlais can be trusted with power,”  Forrester said. “In Congress, Rep. DesJarlais recently argued for full disclosure, and, on this point, we happen to agree.”



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