Party Looking for Full Disclosure on the Unethical Republican Doctor who had Sex with Patients

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A Chattanooga judge will hear a motion Monday to unseal records related to the patient-sex scandal that rocked Congressman Scott Desjarlais’ campaign three weeks ago.

Circuit Court Judge Jacqueline Bolton will preside over the hearing Monday at 9 a.m. at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

DesJarlais, a Republican doctor, has admitted to having a sexual relationship with a patient — a blatant violation of his professional code of ethics and state law.

Gerard Stranch, chief legal counsel for the state party, filed a motion Oct. 24 requesting that all documents related to Rep. DesJarlais’ unethical sexual relationships with patients be open for review by the voters in Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District.

Since then, one patient-mistress has come forward and given details about her sexual relationship with DesJarlais that started while she was a patient in his care. She told The Chattanooga Times Free Press she shared drugs with DesJarlais and that DesJarlais prescribed her drugs on dates.

Party Chairman Chip Forrester said voters deserve to know whether they will be further embarrassed in the future by more revelations from DesJarlais’ unethical past.

“DesJarlais has admitted to having sexual relationships with at least two patients,” Forrester said. “If there are more patient mistresses, more drug abuse and more prescription pad dates, voters deserve to know about it before they make another mistake on Election Day.”

It also appears that certain documents have been removed from the Official Court docket and file, including but not limited to Desjarlais’s ex-wife’s pre-trial brief, the trial transcript and exhibits.  The TNDP is also asking the Court to investigate whether this unauthorized removal of official court documents violates any ethical or legal rules.


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