Quite Playing Politics - Lives are at Stake

Gov. Haslam and the politicians in the state legislature have said that they are going to continue to drag their feet on implementing the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee.  A law that will:

  • Strengthen your insurance policy by holding insurance companies accountable,
  • Protect responsible families from free riders who can afford to be insured but freeload off the rest of us,
  • Expand affordable health care coverage to more than half a million uninsured Tennesseans, and
  • And much, much more…

Instead of providing a plan for Tennessee families, Governor Bill Haslam is playing politics. Last week, he abused the power of his office and wasted our tax dollars on campaigning when he put out a false, political statement to drum up support for the architect of the Affordable Care Act, Mitt Romney.

More importantly, while Haslam plays politics, the lives of Tennesseans are at stake. It is irresponsible and destructive to hold the health and financial security of uninsured Tennesseans hostage to benefit your political buddies and special interest campaign donors.

Tell Haslam you want real results, not more partisan bickering.

Haslam: Put Lives Before Politics

Dear Gov. Haslam,


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