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Shelby County Democratic Party Reorganization Process

Please see for current info about the formation of the new Shelby County Democratic Party. You can sign up there for email updates and notifications.
The Tennessee Democratic Party, led by the State Democratic Executive Committee delegation from Shelby County, Shelby County elected officials, and other Democratic Party stakeholders in Shelby County have created a Shelby County Democratic Party Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee. The job of the SCDP Ad Hoc Committee is to develop and implement a fair and open framework and process to prepare for, and conduct, the Shelby County Democratic Party Reorganization Convention.
Prior to holding the convention itself, the Shelby County Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee will organize public informational meetings to discuss the reorganization process and listen to your ideas for moving forward. For more information about these meetings please visit
From the Shelby County Democratic Party Ad Hoc Committee, 3/29/17:

The NEW Shelby County Democratic Party – Hear It Here First

Hello Fellow Democrat!

It’s an exciting time to be a Democrat in Shelby County. Last Fall, the Shelby County Democratic Party was granted the opportunity to “start from scratch” and build a powerhouse that recruits, mobilizes, and WINS!

In the next few days, we’ll publicly announce a few big plans for the reorganization of the SCDP, but we want our closest community partners and allies to hear it from us first.

Who We Are: 

In January, Shelby County State Executive Committee members came together and nominated thirteen local democratic voters to serve on the Shelby County Democratic Party Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee. These members represent diversity in age, sex, and political interest. All were vetted and required a unanimous vote before they were invited to participate in this process.

Ad Hoc Committee Members

Carlissa Shaw – Co-chair

David Cocke – Co-chair

Cardell Orrin

Corey Strong

Danielle Inez

Dave Cambron

Deborah Reed

Emma Meskovic

George Monger

Jeannie Johnson

Jolie Grace Wareham

Keith Norman

Van Turner

What We’ve Done:

The Ad Hoc committee is responsible for overseeing the reorganization of the Shelby County Democratic Party. We’ve met three times to outline the framework for reorganizing the bylaws, planning the 2017 Convention and engaging Democratic volunteers.

Important Note –  The Ad Hoc committee will merely guide the reorganization process. It is vital that members of our democratic community contribute to defining the strategic plan for turning out voters in Shelby County.

 Where We’re Going:

The Ad Hoc committee has partnered with several progressive organizations to present a series of Democratic Community Meetings, beginning on April 29. Each meeting will serve as an open conversation about the current state of the local democratic party, new SCDP bylaws, and the new process for the 2017 Summer Convention.

 How You Can Help:

  1. Attend a Democratic Community Meeting. We’ll announce the complete schedule through our Facebook page on Friday, March 31. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook.
  2. Get involved. When we release dates for our Democratic Community Meetings, we’ll also be sharing details about two critical teams that you can join: the Bylaws Advisory Group and the Summer Convention Planning Committee. Also, visit if you would like to sign up as a volunteer.
  3. Get excited about the 2017 Summer Convention, which takes place in mid-June.
  4. Share upcoming announcements with your personal network of loyal Democrats, as well as those eager to get involved.

The new Shelby County Democratic Party will reflect the diversity, values, and progressive energy of our deep blue county. Shelby County is Democrat territory! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas at an upcoming Community Meeting. In the meantime, feel free to drop us a line at our ONLY email address that is dedicated to this process –

Note: Emails sent to personal accounts may be overlooked, so remember: if you have info to share or a question to ask, email for the quickest response. This email address is managed daily by the SCDP Ad Hoc Committee secretary, Jolie Grace.

Thank you,

The Shelby County Democratic Party – Reorganization Ad Hoc Committee

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