The Tennessee Democratic Party Veterans and Military Families Caucus chairs issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s comments about military service and sacrifice.

“President Trump’s reported remarks reflect a deep disdain for those who serve and are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. And for us, in states like Tennessee, with large rural populations providing the single largest group in the military, it is first and foremost not about dollars, but about our most precious resource, the blood of our sons and daughters.  

Leading our military is more than hugging flags and taking photo-ops far from the front lines, it is valuing and respecting the sacrifices our military makes to protect our country – the time away from families, the risk of death, and the memories of those lost in battles fought long ago and only yesterday.

This lack of respect shown for the men and women who serve our country is deeply troubling. Sadly, for veterans, the families of retired and active service members, and the families of the fallen, these insults and mockery hurt deeply and reflect a total disregard for the value of military service. Tennessee’s active military members and veterans deserve better.”

LT GEN John Castellaw USMC (Retired)

Tom Keefe USA

Bob Tuke USMC

Chairs, TNDP Veterans and Military Families Caucus