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United States Senate

Governor Phil Bredesen
Governor Phil Bredesen


Mayor Karl Dean
Mayor Karl Dean

United States House of Representatives

Dr. Marty Olsen
Dr. Marty OlsenCD-1
Renee Hoyos
Renee HoyosCD-2
Dr. Danielle Mitchell
Dr. Danielle MitchellCD-3
Mariah Phillips
Mariah PhillipsCD-4
Rep. Jim Cooper
Rep. Jim CooperCD-5
Dr. Dawn Barlow
Dr. Dawn BarlowCD-6
Justin Kanew
Justin KanewCD-7
Erika Stotts Pearson
Erika Stotts PearsonCD-8
Rep. Steve Cohen
Rep. Steve CohenCD-9

State Senate

Stuart Starr
Stuart StarrSD-05 (Anderson, Loudon, and part of Knox Counties)
Jamie Ballinger
Jamie BallingerSD-07 (Part of Knox County)
Carl Lansden
Carl LansdenSD-09 (Bradley, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe and Polk Counties)
Randy Price
Randy PriceSD-11 (Part of Hamilton County)
Kelly Northcutt
Kelly NorthcuttSD-13 (Part of Rutherford County)
Angela Hedgecough
Angela HedgecoughSD-15 (Cumberland, Jackson, Overton, Bledsoe, Putnam, and White Counties)
Mary Alice Carfi
Mary Alice Carfi SD-17 (Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Macon, Smith, and Wilson Counties)
Rep. Brenda Gilmore
Rep. Brenda GilmoreSD-19 (Part of Davidson County)
Sen. Jeff Yarbo
Sen. Jeff YarboSD-21 (Part of Davidson County)
Kristen Grimm
Kristen GrimmSD-23 (Williamson County)
Wade Munday
Wade MundaySD-25 (Cheatham, Dickson, Hickman, Humphreys, and Robertson Counties)
Savannah Williamson
Savannah WilliamsonSD-27 (Madison, Crockett, Dyer, Lake and Lauderdale Counties)
Rep. Raumesh Akbari
Rep. Raumesh AkbariSD-29 (Part of Shelby County)
Gabby Salinas
Gabby SalinasSD-31 (Part of Shelby County)
Katrina Robinson
Katrina RobinsonSD-33 (Part of Shelby County)

State House

Arvil Love Jr.
Arvil Love Jr.HD-02 (Part of Sullivan County)
Park Overall
Park OverallHD-05 (Part of Greene County)
Nathan Farnor
Nathan FarnorHD-07 (Part of Washington County)
Jay Clark
Jay ClarkHD-08 (Part of Blount County)
Derek Winkle
Derek WinkleHD-09 (Hancock and Hawkins Counties)
Barbara Simmons
Barbara SimmonsHD-10 (Hamblen County)
Vincyl Fitzgerald
Vincyl FitzgeraldHD-11 (Cocke and part of Jefferson Greene Counties)
Robert Williams
Robert WilliamsHD-12 (Part of Sevier County)
Gloria Johnson
Gloria JohnsonHD-13 (Part of Knox County)
Justin Davis
Justin DavisHD-14 (Part of Knox County)
Rep. Rick Staples
Rep. Rick StaplesHD-15 (Part of Knox County)
Kate Trudell
Kate TrudellHD-16 (Part of Knox County)
Delynn McCash
Delynn McCashHD-17 (Part of Jefferson and Sevier Counties)
Greg Mackay
Greg MackayHD-18 (Part of Knox County)
Eddie Nelson
Eddie NelsonHD-19 (Part of Knox County)
Susan Sneed
Susan SneedHD-20 (Part of Blount County)
Laura Miller
Laura MillerHD-21 (Parts of Loudon and Monroe Counties)
Brad Hartley
Brad HartleyHD-23 (McMinn and part of Monroe County)
Mallory Pickert
Mallory PickertHD-24 (Part of Bradley County)
Anne Quillen
Anne QuillenHD-25 (Cumberland, Van Buren, and Putnam county)
Jean-Marie Lawrence
Jean-Marie Lawrence HD-26 (Part of Hamilton County)
Brent Morris
Brent MorrisHD-27 (Part of Hamilton County)
Yusuf Hakeem
Yusuf HakeemHD-28 (Part of Hamilton County)
Tammy Magouirk
Tammy MagouirkHD-29 (Part of Hamilton County)
Joda Thongnopnua
Joda ThongnopnuaHD-30 (Part of Hamilton County)
Dean M. Sparks
Dean M. SparksHD-31 (Bledsoe, Sequatchie, Rhea and part of Roane County)
Mary Ellen Blencoe
Mary Ellen BlencoeHD-32 (Part of Roane and part of Loudon Counties)
Richard Dawson
Richard DawsonHD-33 (Part of Anderson County)
Jennifer Vannoy
Jennifer VannoyHD-34 (Part of Rutherford County)
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra MitchellHD-36 (Campbell and part of Union and Anderson Counties)
DeAnna Osborne
DeAnna OsborneHD-37 (Part of Rutherford County)
Carol Abney
Carol AbneyHD-38 (Macon, Clay, Pickett, Scott, and part of Fentress County)
Sharon Adams
Sharon AdamsHD-39 (Moore, part of Franklin and Marion Counties)
John Windle
John WindleHD-41 (Morgan, Jackson and Overton and part of Fentress County)
Terry Scott
Terry ScottHD-42 (Part of Putnam County)
Les Trotman
Les TrotmanHD-43 (White, Grundy and part of Warren Counties)
Rachel Mackey
Rachel MackeyHD-44 (Part of Sumner County)
Hana Ali
Hana AliHD-45 (Part of Sumner County)
Mark Cagle
Mark CagleHD-46 (Cannon, and part of Wilson and DeKalb Counties)
Mike Winton
Mike WintonHD-47 (Coffee and part of Warren Counties)
Matt Ferry
Matt FerryHD-48 (Part of Rutherford County)
Christopher Mayor
Christopher MayorHD-49 (Part of Rutherford County)
Bo Mitchell
Bo MitchellHD-50 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. Bill Beck
Rep. Bill BeckHD-51 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. Mike Stewart
Rep. Mike StewartHD-52 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. Jason Powell
Rep. Jason PowellHD-53 (Part of Davidson County)
Vincent Dixie
Vincent DixieHD-54 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. John Ray Clemmons
Rep. John Ray ClemmonsHD-55 (Part of Davidson County)
Bob Freeman
Bob FreemanHD-56 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. Harold Love
Rep. Harold LoveHD-58 (Part of Davidson County)
Jason Potts
Jason PottsHD-59 (Part of Davidson County)
Rep. Darren Jernigan
Rep. Darren JerniganHD-60 (Part of Davidson County)
Rebecca Purington
Rebecca PuringtonHD-61 (Part of Williamson County)
Marty Davis
Marty DavisHD-62 (Bedford and parts of Lincoln Counties)
Bill Peach
Bill PeachHD-63 (Part of Williamson County)
Austin (AJ) Holmes
Austin (AJ) HolmesHD-64 (Part of Maury County)
Toby Shaffer
Toby ShafferHD-65 (Part of Williamson County)
Larry Proffit
Larry ProffitHD-66 (Robertson County)
Jason Hodges
Jason HodgesHD-67 (Part of Montgomery County)
Dennis Potvin
Dennis PotvinHD-68 (Part of Montgomery County)
Eddie Johnson
Eddie JohnsonHD-69 (Hickman and part of Maury and Dickson Counties)
Jessica Yokley
Jessica YokleyHD-70 (Giles and part of Lawrence Counties)
Frankie Floied
Frankie FloiedHD-71 (Hardin, Lewis, Wayne and part of Lawrence Counties)
James Haynes
James HaynesHD-72 (Henderson, Chester, Decatur and Perry Counties)
James Baxter
James BaxterHD-73 (Part of Madison County)
Billy Borchert
Billy BorchertHD-74 (Houston, Humphreys, and part of Montgomery County)
Richard CarlHD-75 (Henry, Benton and Stewart Counties)
Deane Arganbright
Deane ArganbrightHD-76 (Weakley, and part of Obion and Carroll Counties)
John Patrick
John PatrickHD-78 (Cheatham and part of Dickson Counties)
Gregory Frye
Gregory FryeHD-79 (Gibson and part of Carroll Counties)
Johnny Shaw
Johnny ShawHD-80 (Part of Hardeman and Madison Counties)
Andrea Bond Johnson
Andrea Bond JohnsonHD-82 (Lauderdale, Crockett and Haywood Counties)
Danielle Schonbaum
Danielle SchonbaumHD-83 (Part of Shelby County)
Rep. Joe Towns Jr.
Rep. Joe Towns Jr.HD-84 (Part of Shelby County)
Jesse Chism
Jesse ChismHD-85 (Part of Shelby County)
Barbara Ward Cooper
Barbara Ward CooperHD-86 (Part of Shelby County)
Rep. Karen Camper
Rep. Karen CamperHD-87 (Part of Shelby County)
Larry Miller
Larry MillerHD-88 (Part of Shelby County)
Coleen Martinez
Coleen MartinezHD-89 (Part of Knox County)
Rep. John Deberry
Rep. John DeberryHD-90 (Part of Shelby County)
London Lamar
London LamarHD-91 (Part of Shelby County)
Scott Coffey
Scott CoffeyHD-92 (Marshall and part of Franklin, Lincoln, and Marion Counties)
Rep. G.A. Hardaway
Rep. G.A. HardawayHD-93 (Part of Shelby County)
Terry SaineHD-94 (Fayette, McNairy and part of Hardeman Counties)
Sanjeev Memula
Sanjeev MemulaHD-95 (Part of Shelby County)
Dwayne Thompson
Dwayne ThompsonHD-96 (Part of Shelby County)
Allan Creasy
Allan CreasyHD-97 (Part of Shelby County)
Rep. Antonio Parkinson
Rep. Antonio ParkinsonHD-98 (Part of Shelby County)
Dave Cambron
Dave CambronHD-99 (Part of Shelby County)