Let’s Go to Milwaukee!

The Tennessee Democratic Party is preparing now to select our Delegation to the 2020 Presidential Convention in Milwaukee, to be held
the week of August 13, 2020.  If you’re a dedicated Democrat who wants to serve your community, county, district, and state, then we welcome you to run to be a delegate for your preferred candidate and join us as a 2020 Presidential Convention Delegate to take your part in history!

All those seeking to become delegates must file a DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY FORM with the Tennessee Democratic Party. Please review the following materials and information on this website for all deadlines and information about the process.

Please note: the declaration period for congressional district delegates is closed.

View your 2020 Tennessee Democratic Party DNC Delegates! 

View the 2020 DNC Delegate Apportionment Calculations.

Per the campaigns’ agreement, (see attached) the Biden and Sanders campaigns will send their delegate selection lists for PLEO and At-large delegates and alternates to the TNDP prior to the Executive Committee’s May 16, 2020 delegate selection meetingDue to the Covid-19 pandemic and public health crisis, the meeting will take place remotely by conference call.
We will be scheduling a remote delegation meeting for all congressional district, PLEO, and At-large delegates for a date TBD following the completion of the selection process when we can communicate with all of the elected delegates.


Delegate Selection Plan Announcement