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The Democratic Party of the United States is comprised of National, State and County level Committees. At the National level, there is The Democratic National Committee, (DNC). At the State level, there are Committees in 50 states and Guam, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa. At the local level, there are thousands of County Democratic Committees throughout the US.

Collectively, the Democratic Party works to elect Democrats at the Local, State, and Federal Democrats and to maintain an organizational structure to conduct the business of the Party. Individual committees are managed by Executive Officers who are elected by Voting Members.

At every level, the Democratic Party is comprised almost entirely of volunteers who rely primarily on financial donations to fund Party work. The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in the United States and among the oldest in the world. It exists as a matter of law and is responsible for qualification and nomination of Democratic Candidates.

Our Mission

The Tennessee Democratic Party exists to create an environment where Democrats can promote the ideas and values of the Democratic party, win elections, and have the opportunity to build a better future for all Tennesseans.