Today, the Tennessee Democratic Party asks you to join us as we celebrate the working families of Tennessee and the labor unions who have been the collective voice that ensures American prosperity extends to the working families who make prosperity possible.

Today we celebrate the working families of Tennessee who sacrifice so much to teach our children, keep our bridges and roads safe, respond to 911 calls, serve our food and bus our dishes, steer our public transportation, keep the economy humming by rail, air, and road, build our houses and highrises, and so much more.

Today we also celebrate the labor unions who created the middle class by steadfastly proclaiming that the economy works best when there is a positive, partner relationship between labor and management. A partnership to ensure workers have a seat at the table to speak on their own behalf and management can be held accountability for unjust, unsafe, and inequitable workplaces and practices.

Today we celebrate labor unions who ensure that every worker – no matter who you are, what you look like, where you live, how you pray, or who you love – has unmatched economic opportunity and a reason to feel good about the future.

Unions are why working people earn a good living and have a better life. Unions make it easier to get the training needed to get good work. Unions make sure that those who already have good work are paid for their work. Unions help to create a growing economy that creates more good jobs. Unions won working families weekends off, vacations, sick leave, social security, minimum wage, anti-discrimination laws, the eight-hour work day and 40-hour work week, overtime pay, child protection labor laws, pensions for a secure and dignified retirement, collective bargaining rights, whistleblower protections, privacy rights, age discrimination laws, and parental leave.

The Tennessee Democratic Party is proud to uplift working families and our labor union brothers and sisters. This November, you can support them, too, by electing more leaders who will govern for the well-being of working families instead of treating the best among us as expendable. Check out our slate of Democratic candidates running up and down the ballot.

EARLY VOTING: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 to Thursday, October 29, 2020*
REGISTER TO VOTE: iwillvote.com
CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION: tnmap.tn.gov/voterlookup/

*It’s important for every voter to check their county election commission to confirm times and locations and to make a plan to VOTE EARLY DURING EARLY VOTING – it’s safe, it’s easy, it’s quick!

Enjoy your day,

Mary Mancini
Chair, Tennessee Democratic Party