TN Rising: Allan Creasy for House District 97

//TN Rising: Allan Creasy for House District 97

Name: Allan Creasy

Running for: Tennessee House District 97

Twitter: @ServeThe901
Facebook: @ServeThe901

Prior to running for office, Memphis resident Allan Creasy volunteered for political campaigns and became passionate about local and state issues. As representative for his community, he hopes to make positive changes for his neighbors.

Allan believes in advocating for sufficient public school funding, including increasing teacher salaries, and expanding access to an affordable college education. Allan is a strong advocate of raising the minimum wage, which is especially important to him because he has seen firsthand the effect of a rising urban cost of living on many families.

The first thing Allan hopes to accomplish while in office is ensuring that by 2020 all state websites are accessible on mobile phones. This bipartisan issue is extremely pressing in a world where the internet is not optional, and many people primarily use their smartphones to receive critical information.

This spring, Creasy was interviewed by Channel 3 News in Memphis about how his volunteering on a political campaign set off a chain reaction that led to the community stepping up to raise money for house repairs for disabled veteran Lorenzo Rhynes. Creasy’s spreading the word on social media brought the community together in person to make a difference in their neighbor’s life.

Tennessee Democrats believe that no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you live, you deserve the opportunity to create a better life for yourself and your family. 

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