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LEAD 2020: County Party Leadership Elections

Join Democrats from across the state this March and April in LEAD 2020: County Party Leadership Elections. LEAD 2020 is your opportunity to become part of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s leadership team in your county and work to elect Democrats from the city council chamber to the White House, and every office in between.

Your leadership is what the Tennessee Democratic Party needs. We are  led from the ground up and together we work to elect Democrats who will introduce bold ideas and policy that will help every Tennessean fulfill their hopes, dreams, aspirations and promise.

Each County Party will elect a chairperson, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer, as well as members of the executive committee, which takes care of the business of the county organization.

Join LEAD 2020 today in your county and become the next generation of leaders in the Democratic Party.


Where can I find my LEAD 2020 County Party Event?

You can find your county party’s LEAD 2020 event on our County Parties Page. Just scroll down the page to find your county’s name in the alphabetical listings under East, Middle, or West.

Why Lead?

Your leadership is what the Tennessee Democratic Party needs. We are  led from the ground up and together we work to elect Democrats who will introduce bold ideas and policy that will help every Tennessean fulfill their hopes, dreams, aspirations and promise. As a Democrat in your county, you know what’s happening on the ground. You know who is elected, who is running for office, and who is a potential candidate for office. You know the allied organizations you can partner with to elect more Democrats. You know the issues that are important in your county, like rural broadband, infrastructure, economic opportunity, and the issues that are holding Tennesseans back from reaching their full potential, like opioid addiction or ineffective public schools. As a leader in your county Democratic Party, you can help elect Democrats at all levels of governance who will address these important issues.

How Local Democratic Leaders are elected?

To elect leaders, each County Party holds a convention between March 29th and April 7th. Democrats who attend the convention will be able to run for and vote for the executive committee in their county. Executive committees are elected to represent small parts of their county (usually divided along county commission district lines). Some county conventions also vote directly for their county officers, while in other counties officers are voted on by the newly elected county executive committee. You’ll find more details about how your specific county leadership is organized when you view your county’s convention info, but from the largest to the smallest, there is room for the participation of new leaders in every county.

What do County Party Executive Committee Members do?

Executive Committee Members are responsible organizing in the districts from which they are elected as well as work together as a whole to steer their county party.  Members participate in planning meetings and regular business meetings where they make decisions by voting as a body, participate in subcommittees, plan and attend events of the county party and represent the county party in many ways in the community. The Executive Committee should be viewed as the facilitators of the Party’s programs.

What do County Party Officers do?

The Chairperson is responsible for organizing and managing the many activities and committees of the county party associated with the goal of electing Democrats to every level of government, and enacting the plans and mandates of the state party. The chair should coordinate and delegate the workload among officers, executive committee members, and committee chairs to ensure goals are met. County Party Chairs are supported by their State Executive Committee members, the TNDP, and the TN Democratic County Chairs Association with training, goal setting, and organizational management.

The Vice-Chair assumes the duties of Chair in his/her absence and assists the Chair in all duties.  Some local parties choose to have more than one Vice-Chair that have defined tasks and work with specific committees.

The Secretary is responsible for efficient internal and external communications and record keeping. Some County Parties have dual secretary positions with recording and corresponding secretaries, or a secretary position tracking internal records and volunteers while working with a communications committee that manages the county parties website, social media, email lists and other public facing communications.

The Treasurer is responsible for tracking the bank account and finances which define, to a large extent, its potential impact and outreach.  A financially secure Party is dependent upon how aggressive and well-organized the Treasurer is in his/her duties. Besides keeping a thorough ledger including receipts and disbursements, the Treasurer is responsible for submitting an annual budget and a fundraising plan.

How can I participate outside of leadership?

There’s something for everyone who wants to help to elect more Democrats and make a difference in their county. If you want to participate in your local Democratic Party before jumping into leadership, you can still attend your county party LEAD 2020 County Party Leadership Elections to vote for your officers and executive committee. You can also volunteer with your county party after leadership elections as a member of a subcommittee (for instance- outreach, voter contact, or communications), become a block captain, write letters to the editor, recruit candidates, or help with many other important ways in which we elect Democrats. and meet more people who are ready to lead Tennessee to a better future.

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