• Written by: Tom Keefe, Chair of the TNDP Vets & Military Families Caucus and the Tennessee State Director of the DNC Vets & Military Families Caucus to Council

Most of the time we Democrats focus on domestic matters. That is because ours is the political philosophy that puts people ahead of money, the party that recognizes that people are the most important national resource. In 2016, there was a questionable if not outright stolen election, and the group of people who took over the White House have landed all of us in a first-class mud puddle.

Around the world, people have nothing good to say about the United States of America. Even worse. many of our Republican elected officials in Congress are avoiding addressing violence committed with firearms.

At 18, I volunteered for the draft and trained at Fort Benning and Fort Gordon in Georgia. I served in Vietnam and shot an M-16 among other weapons. I was trained in the use of these weapons of war, never imagining that 50 years later thousands of my fellow citizens would be slaughtered by some of these same rifles.

Almost every day now, another American man or woman dies because of the lack of good character, failed policies and weak leadership of the current misfits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington.

There is a saying that all politics are local. Well, right here in Tennessee, we Democrats need to demand a stop to this horrible carnage. In the coming elections, we must elect people who will stop the candidates endorsed by the National Rifle Association, no matter what office they seek.

We need to bring back the law that passed Congress in 1994 that banned many of these military style weapons.

We must be tough enough to vote for people who will really and truly be strong enough and smart enough to figure out how to change the sharp decline of our nation. Then we need to stand with them in the state and federal elections in November 2020.