Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini released the following statement in response to Republican Senator Brian Kelsey and gang pushing an amendment to enshrine “right to work” into Tennessee constitution.

After 70 years of policies harmful to working men and women, Tennessee has the highest number of minimum wage jobs in the country. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Republican Senator Brian Kelsey is making it worse by leading the effort to make “right to work for less” a part of our Tennessee constitution. “Right to work for less” legislation strips away rights from working people by making it harder for them to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and conditions through labor unions.

Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ research shows workers in “right to work for less” states make $7,443 less per year than workers in states that allow the protection of workers and their families, Republicans won’t stop until “right to work for less” is part of our constitution, the state’s founding document that grants us our rights and freedoms. 

Instead of Republican politicians who continue to make life more difficult for working people of Tennessee, our families deserve elected Democratic leaders who have fought for, and will continue the fight to improve the lives of all Tennesseeans.