Republicans Pass Discriminatory Bill Harming Children and Families on First Day of Legislative Session

“Today was the first day of the state legislative session and Republicans wasted no time pushing unnecessary and cruel legislation. Passing this bill to keep same sex couples from adopting a child with no family or home is another example of Republican legislators trying to score political points and dividing Tennesseeans at the expense of our highest needs children. Not only does this bill harm orphaned children and our LGTBQ+ neighbors, it also damages Tennessee’s economy by painting the state as discriminatory and making our state less attractive to potential employers.

Rather than hurting our children, our families and our economy, all to  push a divisive partisan agenda, Republican senators should have begun this legislative session with an eye towards helping Tennesseeans. Tennessee ranks 43rd in public health, 35th in education, and 41st in economic opportunity. The people of  Tennessee need elected leaders that will pass laws to improve their lives instead of Republican politicians who pass hate bills.”

– Mary Mancini, Tennessee Democratic Party Chair