Tennesseans Linda and Larry Drain have been happily married since 1981, but when Linda’s eligibility under Medicaid was threatened, they were forced to choose: separate, or Linda would lose her health care. Now they live 25 miles apart, each in low-income housing.

Last month, the state legislative session ended and once again the Republican-controlled Tennessee legislature failing to expand Medicaid — which not only would have allowed the Drains to stay together but would have also prevented even more rural Tennessee hospitals from closing (eight have closed so far with two more about to close).

What did the Republican majority spend their time — and our tax dollars — on?

  • Blocked local law enforcement from doing the work necessary to ensure the safety their communities
  • Punished cities for doing what’s right for their communities
  • Silenced the survivors of the Las Vegas massacre
  • Debated — for hours — moving the final resting place of a president who has been dead for 169 years

We know we can do better.

Last fall in Virginia, Democrats elected a governor and gained a net of 15 seats in the state legislature — and because they did, they’re on the verge of expanding Medicaid and providing health care to hundreds of thousands of hard working people in their state.

We envision a Tennessee where all people can thrive:
  • Where our children have the opportunity to receive a high-quality public education that fits their vision for a better future.
  • Where everyone can afford healthcare and medicine and has access to a doctor and a nearby hospital in case of emergency.
  • Where a growing economy creates good-paying jobs and the opportunity to retire with dignity and security.
Above all, we envision a state where government works for people and we have your back.

When we elect more Democrats here in Tennessee, here’s what we’ll do to make this vision a reality:

  • Health Care: Expand Medicaid. Democrats will work so that every community in Tennessee will have a high-quality hospital to take your loved one to if they break an arm or have a heart attack.
  • Jobs: Create jobs that pay well.
    • Democrats will reward companies that are doing good things, like creating good-paying jobs in local communities, and we want to do so with the transparency needed so you know your taxpayer dollars are being used wisely.
    • Democrats will emphasize building a positive/partner relationship between employees and employers.
    • Democrats will work so that every Tennessean has the opportunity for a good-paying job that will enable opportunity for a better life for your family, a better future for your children, and dignified and secure retirement.
  • Education: Provide a high-quality education for every child that fits their vision for a better future.
    • Democrats know that not everyone wants to go to college, so we want to make sure that those who do not get the skills and training they need to get good-paying jobs that exist in local communities.
  • Infrastructure: Build up our infrastructure instead of tearing each other down.

We know we can do all that and more — for all Tennesseans. We have an unprecedented opportunity in November 2018 to elect more Democrats and create a brighter future for all Tennesseans. Will you join us?