October 29, 2018 (NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini released the following statement today:

“Marsha Blackburn’s record in Congress shocks and terrifies people, and for good reason, it is appalling. Tennesseans have every right to stand up and say ‘this isn’t who we want to be.’ That said, the best way to protest Marsha Blackburn and her record is to make a plan to vote.

“Further, language matters and Republicans and their mouthpieces who denigrate anyone who expresses disagreement with them reinforces the dangerous hate speech coming from President Trump. Their reckless language imposes on the freedoms of those who, say, are simply trying to pray for peace on a Saturday morning. Attempts to smear non-violent protesters are dangerous, especially at a time when multiple violent attacks from far-right domestic terrorists have been carried out in recent weeks.

“This behavior is unacceptable, but it’s not surprising that Lindsey Graham would threaten to ‘kick their ass,’ as that is the current Republican style of leadership: instead of working to bring us together and curtail the heated rhetoric, they’re taking their lead from Donald Trump, who suggested his followers ‘knock the crap out of’ protesters and promised to pay their legal fees.”

Media Contact:
Amanda Yanchury