May 6, 2019 (NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini issued the following statement in regards to Speaker Glen Casada’s Chief-of-Staff’s admission of past drug use in his legislative office and that he sent the racist texts messages uncovered by a News Channel 5 report last week:

“Instead of addressing the racist texts he received from his Chief-of-Staff Cade Cothren, Glen Casada would rather talk about his staffer’s cocaine problem as a way to dodge responsibility for his role in elevating a man he knew was a racist. Overt and consistent racism isn’t a side-effect of pressure at work or illegal drug abuse, and it’s time for Casada to address it head-on.

“Cothren’s admission confirms that he sent Speaker Casada racist texts. Not only was Casada silent, he later gave him a $130,000 raise. Then Cothren’s racist texts were revealed, Casada chose to protect his staffer by lying and accusing the media of fabricating the proof. Just like he chose to protect an admitted sexual predator by lying and accusing his political opponents of fabricating stories about Rep. David Byrd’s abuse.

“Casada’s willingness to lie and a lack of integrity confirms that he cannot be trusted as a leader of the people of Tennessee.”


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Media Contact:
Trevon Sylvester