OCTOBER 26th, 2020 (Nashville, TN) – Today, Tennessee’s GOP Senators, Lamar Alexander and Marsha Blackburn, have irreparably damaged the legitimacy and reputation of the Supreme Court confirmation process. Before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was even buried, and opposite her dying wish, Alexander and Blackburn assisted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in ramming a far-right partisan justice through the Senate. All this as millions of ballots are being cast in a presidential election.

The hearings were a smoke and mirror show. Republican senators were more interested in creating a political spectacle than asking relevant questions. And now, they have delivered a supreme court poised to overturn the protection of pre-existing conditions, eliminate women’s rights to determine their most difficult health care decisions, and to invalidate voting rights for those who need them the most.

We have just one way to counter this unprecedented assault on our democratic institutions: we must vote in historic numbers. We must vote and show the Republican Party and the conservative Supreme Court that it cannot take away our healthcare, nor can it undermine our democracy.” – Chair Mary Mancini

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