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If you run into problems voting, please call the hotline or click here to fill out the Poll Incident Report Form.

The right to vote is the one right that preserves all others. This November, it’s imperative that all of us are able to vote when we show up to the polls. The Tennessee Democratic Party is committed to protecting your right to vote through our Voter Protection Program.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

-Asking voters to take action through #CHECKYOURSELF: Making sure voters have the resources they need to have a successful voting experience
-Coordinating with our Democratic candidates and campaigns around the state to help people get to the polls
-Staffing a statewide Voter Protection Hotline, 855-844-VOTE (8683), with lawyers and voter advocates during early voting and on Election Day
-Enlisting the help of poll watchers around the state while people are voting

Poll watchers observe the performance of election officials in and around the polling place and may protest any aspect of the conduct of an election. For example, a poll watcher would object in the event an election official refused to offer a provisional ballot to a registered voter who did not have proper photo ID.

  • Can you be a poll watcher during Early Voting (Oct. 17-Nov. 1, 2018) and/or on Election Day (Nov. 6, 2018)?
  • Can you answer calls from voters who call into our Voter Protection Hotline during Early Voting and/or on Election Day?
  • Can you help us recruit other Voter Protection team members?

If you’re interested in helping us protect the vote this fall, use the form to sign up below. 

Poll Watcher Resources

Once you have signed up using the form above, you must watch this video and then take our Voter Protection Quiz.


Early Voting in Tennessee starts on Wednesday! Given historic levels of voter registration this election cycle, the Tennessee Democratic Party’s (TNDP) Voter Protection Program is more important than ever. We need your help!

Poll Watching

If you have already attended a poll watching training, your Regional Voter Protection Director (contact information below) will be in touch ASAP with more information on picking up your poll watcher credential and on confirming your Early Voting shifts. You cannot poll watch without your poll watcher credential. Also, please open your web browser on your phone and log into our voter protection software, LBJ, at before your shift. If you have attended a training, you should have received login information for LBJ. More information on LBJ is below. Please review this information thoroughly. LBJ will allow you to report polling place incidents in real time so we can resolve them quickly. If you have questions about LBJ, contact Johannes Fischer (; (615) 512-3204).

Regional Voter Protection Director Contact Information:

Kendra Lee, Regional Voter Protection Director, West Tennessee
(901) 830-9348 |

James Miller, Regional Voter Protection Director, Middle Tennessee
(615) 275-5996 |

Will Weaver, Regional Voter Protection Director, East Tennessee
(260) 249-8821 |

Interested in poll watching but have not been trained?
As a poll watcher, you will work with elections officials at polling locations to ensure that they understand their obligations to voters. You will also work with voters outside the polling location to ensure they aren’t being turned away from the polls. Because of high levels of voter registration in Tennessee at the October 9 deadline, it is possible that some voters who think they are registered will not show up on the rolls. It is critical that you work with elections officials to ensure these voters have a great voting experience.

Sign up to poll watch at and share the link with your family, friends and colleagues in Tennessee. We need to know who you are so we can prepare your poll watching credential!

Once you have signed up, you must watch our poll watching training webinar and take our voter protection quiz (see above on this page).

Resources for Poll Watching

Please print your own copies or refer to the PDF on your phone as you poll watch.

Voter Protection Hotline (855-844-VOTE)

Please sign up for a few shifts on our voter protection hotline to answer voters’ questions and log incidents in LBJ as they occur during Early Voting. These calls can be taken remotely using our Dialpad program but you must be available to answer your phone when it rings. 

Stay tuned for more information on our Election Day Hotline. If you have hotline issues, please contact Lindsay Owens, Early Vote Hotline Manager (; (650) 248-7880) or Sarah Steege, Election Day Hotline Manager (; (919) 818-8656). For Dialpad issues, contact Johannes Fischer (; (615) 512-3204).